Monday, August 23, 2010


Where are you now?

~American McGee's Alice


Again, neglecting my poor blog.
Not that anyone reads it...but I feel horrible not having anything WORTH writing about in this blog. I don't do movie reviews, I'm not on some epic quest to lose weight, and in general...I don't even have a life worth blogging.

But it's still fun.

I was away at camp for the past week, and it simply FLEW by. I hardly remember anything that happened, let alone say that I went to camp. But from what I recall, it was LOADS of fun as it usually is.
And, sadly, that's it.

I got my Hannibal Lecter figurine, so I was giddy about that.
And today my American McGee's Alice costume came, so I bloodied it up a bit more, and did a makeup test. And that's it!
So my Halloween costume is ready, all thats left now is to narrow down my pumpkin carving patterns.

Because at this point, I have 7 I want to do.

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