Sunday, September 12, 2010


Those little slices of Death. How I loathe them.
~Edgar Allen Poe


So I thought for once I would just post this in my blog, rather than my dA account. (Since I have this random 'Rule' where I need to post a new Journal every 6 days, or some bull sh!t I made up at the time, I don't know anymore)
However last night I had a once in a lifetime experience of viewing a Midnight, 35mm screening of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors". With an audience just as fanatic about Freddy as I am.

Best. Movie. Experience. Ever.

And I'm just going to jot down everything that comes to mind, so I don't forget ANYTHING.
So before the show starts, me and my buddy drove down there (smuggling Skittles and chocolate bars into the theater) and paid the $10.00 for the ticket, found a seat a few rows down from the back and waited for 5/10 minuets.
Then a guy walks on with a mic, and talks about these Midnight shows, apparently the theater we're at (The Broadway) holds 2 Midnight movies a month. (Something I'll have to keep a sharper eye out for, from now on) And then he says he has a few prizes to give out for those who bought advance tickets. Of course I was like, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD BY ADVANCE TICKETS!! So I was kind of having a breakdown because part of all of the prizes were Nightmare 3 posters. (And of course, me being me, "I want a poster!" "But you don't have any room!!" "I'LL FIND ROOM!!")
So after he was done calling out numbers, and handing out several posters (the other prizes were tickets to another movie), he throws the rest of the posters on the stage and he said "Ok , so we have a few posters left. Whoever wants one just come up and grab one."
Of course, we're near the back, so I JOLT up, RUN down the isle (in 5" heels) barge my way through the people grabbing posters (some of them were black and white) so I was frantically looking for a Colour poster, then one caught my eye, so I went to grab it and apparently someone else had a hold of it, so I simply tugged on it and the person let go. THE PERSON JUST LET GO. And it was the last colour poster to, so I was SO happy I got one, I sat back down at my seat, smiling like an idiot, and my buddy says again, "Where the hell are you going to put it?" ".....I don't know."
But hey, at least I have a Nightmare 3 poster now. *shrug*

I haven't even talked about the MOVIE yet. So after a bunch of cheesy previews, (there were trailers for Nightmare 2, and Nightmare 4 attached on) and the hilarious Dokken music video they made for Dream Warriors (THE GUITAR PLATER JUMPES OUT OF THE WALL, AND THE DRUMMER PLAYS IN THE FURNACE!!), we started the film.
*Pause as we fade in to Kirsten dramatically opening a bag of flour*
*Pause as we see her pour the mixture of flour and glue into a bowl*
*laughing as we cut to a shot of Kirsten cutting strips of news paper*
"NOOOO!! SCISSORS!!!!!" *girlish scream*
*I begin choking on a Skittle*
*Pause as the rest of the Paper mache' montage continues*

The entire movie was FULL of liners from random people. I know Rocky Horror's like that (Hell there are Callback SCRIPTS written out for different areas around the world) but Nightmare it was a free for all.
The guys behind us (one of whom was wearing a Freddy get-up (minus the glove and makeup)) were some of the funniest. They made the entire audience laugh, and they would randomly jump into serious conversations about the Nightmare series as the movies going on, example;

(When we see Amanda Krueger for the first time, but don't know her name)
Freddy guy: "That's Freddy's mom!!"
Random guy: "Really?"
Freddy guy: "Ya, she was raped by 100 maniacs."
Me singing to myself: "Son of a 100 Maniacs, Son of a 100 Maniacs."
Random guy: "Dude, that's sick. Like imagine 100 sperm just FORMED into Freddy Krueger, no wonder he's f***ed up."
Freddy guy: "Well out of the 100 maniacs, there was one that just HAPPENS to look like Robert Englund."
Freddy guy: "So I'm pretty sure that's the one that made it through."
Me to them: "Just watch part 5 and 6."
Freddy guy: "Exactly. It's explained in those movies."
Me: "Just don't watch ALL of part 5, or you might want to kill yourself. It's horrible."
Freddy guy: "Well of course. Simply watch bits of it, for the love of God, DON'T watch all of it."
*pause for several minuets*
Freddy guy: *Starts laughing to himself* "Little Freddy, killing hamsters at School."
*I start laughing again.*
Freddy guy: "And his dad is Alice Cooper."
*I begin choking on another Skittle.*

And the Freddy guy, I swear to God, he only came to see John Saxon. In the middle of serious scene he would be like; "When the hell does John Saxon show up, come on!"
And when he came on screen, John's character says;
"Well if it isn't my little girl."
Freddy guy replies; "Well if it isn't John Saxon."

And during that bar scene after Nancy is finished talking to her dad (John Saxon) she begins to break down, so we begin to feel sympathy for her, but then Freddy guy just breaks the mood and says; "Dude, does Nancy totally look's like Sarah Connor in this scene, or what?"
Random guy sitting next to him: "The T-1000's are going to take you back to the future."
Freddy guy: *In Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* "Come with me if you want to live!!"

And it was stuff like that. And of course since the movie was a 35mm print, it had that old school scratchy quality to it, and the audio was SO touchy. When someone was talking, they would be SO quiet, but as soon as someone pronounced an S sound, it would just shreek over the SSSSSSSpeakers. It was hilarious.
And the SCREAMS. Oh man, I know Nightmare 3 is a loud movie (they all are) but you simply don't know how loud it is until you've seen it on Film.
And Freddy's glove???? HOLY F***. It's never bothered me before, but holy SH*T, when it goes off, it feels like a dentist is drilling in your ear drum. It's BRUTAL.
And of course my buddy is like "Agghh!! That's a horrible sound!!"
And me, being such a Fred Head, I replied "THAT'S AWESOME!!"
Because THAT'S the sound his glove is supposed to make. A SHRILLING sound, that REALLY just makes you cringe.
I don't think I can ever watch Nightmare 3 the same way again.

And really, even the LOOK of the film was better on 35mm. When you watch the DVD, everything is so clear and DARK, you can tell it's SO fake and cheesy. But when you watch the FILM, it's light, and scratchy, and it's how it's SUPPOSED to look. It looks AMAZING!!!!
Screw Blu-ray. I want 35mm Film!!

Simply amazing. I would give anything to re-live that experience.