Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to my world...

Well, after looking to start a blog for a few months now, I've finally gotten around to it and here it is. I don't know what this will become, how long it will last, or even how long it will's just for fun, and as a place to share my thoughts and to show people just how much of a 'life' I have. This is to share exactly how fricken OBSESSED I am, hence the name of this blog. I know, 'Obsessed' is such an original name.

So...if you don't know who I am, or if you want's me in a nutshell.


I'm your typical, obsessive, gothic, Canadian teenager, with a love for anything abnormal, and deffinatly NOT mainstream...unless it involves Johnny Depp. Then I'm all over it.

So first and foremost: I LOVE Johnny Depp...but who dosen't? Now don't let this one obsession fool's really bad. And it's what started everthing from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' to 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. (Those are the beginning and last markers on my 'Obsession Timeline' far.)

Besides Johnny, there's the amazing Hugh Laurie, Tim Roth, Robert Englund, Heath Ledger (RIP), Keith Harkin, Tim Curry, Gerard Butler.....and so many more people, that I've forgotten at least 10 of them...

As far as movies go...they are my life. Movies to me, besides being a way to burn time, open up doors to another world where I can be a part of something new, and exciting.

As I've mentioned before, Pirates of the Caribbean was the first movie I ever really obsessed over, that that was 6, almost 7 years go. Since then, I've been through Musicals (Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, The Producers, and the list goes on), Cult movies (Repo! The Genetic Opera, Rocky Horror Picture Show), Graphic Novels/Superhero movies (Batman), Fantasy Films (Alice in Wonderland), and even now, Horror movies. series in particualr: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Now, taking the main characters/villians from these films, you will notice that all of them are particularily Insane, Deformed, and in general...Freaks.

I. Love. Freaks.

Oh yes I do. I take my men burned beyond recognition, crazier than the next Tim Burton movie, and madder than a box of frogs.
I'm the modern day Harley Quinn, if that tells you anything.

When I play Soul Calibur, I play as Voldo EVERY. TIME. And win...MOST. TIMES.
I laugh after everything I say, regardless of weather or not it was even funny.

I'm friends with everyone in your stereotypical circle (the fact that I'm a goth, I'm probably the friendliest goth you will ever meet)

And lately, I suck at spelling. So appologies for any retarded spelling mistakes in my Blog. I don't know what it is, but I can't spell a fricken thing anymore. *shrug*

As far as music is concerned, I love anything that can sustain a decent note or strike a chord (no pun intended) with me. So I really enjoy classical music, Movie Scores, and Celtic music (Celtic Thunder) And as far as any mainstream music is concerned, I love Shinedown, and Apocolyptica. Nough said.

I love reading Shakespeare, and anything that's NOT TWILIGHT.
And one more thing, I HATE TWILIGHT.
That word is forever BANNED from this blog, unless I'm ranting about it (which WILL happen if this blog lives long enough to see that)

You can't see the walls OR celing in my room because they are plastered with posters. I'm not even joking, lot's of obsessed fangirls will tell you the exact same thing, but I'm serious. YOU CANNOT SEE MY WALLS OR CELING. I might post pictures if I ever get around to it.

There's so much about me, yet at the same time there's so little. To understand me all you have to do is watch my favorite movies, listen to my favorie music...and perhaps read Macbeth once or twice.

However, everything I love isn't just for fun. At this point in my life, my obsessions make me who I am. I AM what I obsess I guess that means right now I can kill you in your dreams...

Oh yes, but as far as anything NORMAL goes, I love art. That is my REAL world obsession and it's what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love to draw, and I never want to do anything else.

If you want to see my work you can view my deviantART account here:

So...that's about it. Now that you know who I am...all thats left is to pick it up from there and we'll see where this goes.

This will basically be my Journal (besides my deviantART Journal, so there's no 'New Journal every 6 days' crap, this is whenever I need to write something.) So this could be updated a few times a day, weeks, or even months apart, but this is my outlet. And you're welcome to read it.

So right now...I'm going to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Did I mention I have no life?